Midsummer Insence

Midsummer Insence

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 Blessed Midsummer!! Enchant your ritual space with this beautiful collection of Supplies for all your Midsummer rites of magic.

Midsummer Incense: Heady Florals with notes of Blonde musk and Vanilla, infused with Frankincense, Cassia, Patchouli Leaf, and Mugwort in a base of Red Sandalwood Powder.

How to Use: Our Incense is designed to be burned on small Charcoal Disks, in a heatproof container. To light a charcoal disk, place it on a stove Burner or flame until it begins to spark. Then use a pair of tongs or another heatproof tool to transfer the charcoal disk to a heatproof burner or dish. Now LEAVE IT ALONE! When the charcoal has turned WHITE place a pinch of incense powder on top. Only a small amount is needed.

This powder can also be used to roll taper candles in, to place at the base of pull out or pillar candles, sprinkled on sigils and other ritual items, and used in spell bags or sachets.