Mars Rx Salt Bath

Mars Rx Salt Bath

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Mars Rx Salt Bath was created to help tap into the reserve energy and focus during the Mars Retrograde which began September 9th and will last until November 13th.

Mars Rx is a lovely blend of shimmery Dead Sea and Hawaiian Alaea Red Salts, infused with Iron-Rich Volcanic Clay for increased Mars energy, scented in traditional Planetary scents of Ginger and Dragon's Blood with a touch of Lime for it's focusing abilities. Alaean Salt is made from evaporated Sea Water aligning with the energies of the planet Venus, which as it's opposite energy, can be "leaned into" during a Mars Retrograde to pacify and balance overly "aggressive" Mars energy.

During a Mars Retrograde some people may experience reduced energy and drive, others increased rage, impatience and lack of focus, others nothing at all! Because Mars is a planet that rules over our ACTIONS and outward energy, during a retrograde it can be beneficial to focus inward and make take this time to reevaluate if our goals have remained the same or where this energy can be put to better use.

Checking where you have Mars / Aries placements in your birth chart can help you see where this Rx energy will be lit up for you.



Use Mars Rx Salt Bath in your bath to take advantage of the skin soothing, and energizing abilities of this blend. For a purifying or aromatherapeutic bath, hot water may be used. Salt baths can promote intense relaxation, please use caution when exiting the tub, if any dizziness occurs, promptly exit the bath and drink plenty of cool water.



Ingredients: Sodium Chloride, (Dead Sea Salt), Hawaiian Red Alaean Salt, Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Cornstarch, Sweet Almond Oil, Grapeseed Oil,Witch Hazel, Phthalate Free Fragrance, Poly 80, SLSA, FD&C Colorants, Mica, Eco Glitter.