Persephone Roll-On Ritual Oil

Persephone Roll-On Ritual Oil

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Persephone...Queen of Spring, Queen of the Underworld. This Goddess represents the secrets of creation, death and feminine power. 

Persephone oil is scented with Luscious tuberose absolute, juicy pomegranate, hints of wet earth, patchouli, dragons blood and musk.

This Roll-On Perfume is infused with genuine Garnet and Black Tourmaline crystals, both long associated with magic and protection. Garnet is a stone that represents the element of fire, personal power, protection from harm and resonates with the Root Chakra. Black Tourmaline is a protective stone which repels negative energies and blocks psychic attack. Black Tourmaline also aids in grounding and balancing the energetic body.

 Use this oil to connect with the ancient energies of the Underworld realms, for rites of Ancestor worship, Power and Seduction.

Ingredients: Fragrance, Fractionated Coconut Oil, Garnet Crystal, Black Tourmaline Crystal.