When I created Skeleton Key Shop, I wanted to combine my personal experiences along with my love of baths, beauty, and magic in order to create a multi-sensory experience.

As an executive pastry chef for the past 15 years, I navigated through the fine dining kitchens of Manhattan, learning all about fruits, herbs, and the chemistry of combining ingredients to create something new. In between my culinary training and raising a family, I explored the spiritual aspects of my life, receiving initiations in several traditions of Witchcraft, and in Lucumi as a priestess of Yemaya. I am a lifelong student of Spiritism, using my gifts as an intuitive medium and tarot reader to help others. As a child of the water, spiritual bathing became my meditation time to decompress from my high-stress life, where I’d sit in the water and visualize creative projects and recipes. I find that my best ideas, revelations, and even emotional releases have occurred in the shower or bath!

I approach my product line the same way I would a dessert menu, using fresh and seasonal herbs, flowers, colors, scents and the very best ingredients to create a picture of the natural energy currents at work during the year, along with tools to help connect with this inner world. This shop is the culmination of all those shower daydreams, and I wish to share this journey with you all, one bath at a time.