About Us

Natalie Reyes, Owner

Natalie is the owner and creator of Skeleton Key Shop. She is a High Priestess in the NY Wica Tradition (New York Coven of Witches), and Deam Lux (Oracular Tradition of Witchcraft). Natalie is also a gifted spiritualist, and an initiated Priestess of Yemaya in the Lukumi Tradition.
Natalie is an avid student of plant medicine, drawing from Afro-Caribbean, Native American, Ancient Greek and European shamanic practices. She is able to work with the most toxic of plants and entheogens to create unique and practical tools for the spiritual explorer and ritualist.  She continues to enhance her repertoire of oils, soaps, herb and incense blends and ointments, balancing functionality with intoxicating scents.

Andrea Maldonado, Event Manager

Andrea is the event manager at Skeleton Key Shop, assisting in all manner of road trips, pop ups and general mischief. She is one of the primary product testers for the shop and when she is not trying out a new lotion or organizing events, she is an avid writer with several published works of poetry. She is a High Priestess of Deam Lux (Oracular Tradition of Witchcraft), a non-Wiccan tradition which focuses on ancient oracular practices, goddess worship and female empowerment. Andrea is an initiate of the NY Wica Tradition (New York Coven of Witches) and a Priestess of Ochun in the Lucumi tradition.